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The Travelling Spouse: Back home!

So we are almost at the end of the year! I’m so excited because that means there is only 3 months until Xmas! I usually don’t get too overly excited about birthdays, Christmas’s etc, but this year is extra special because we are back home again. September was also mine and my brothers birthday month and being able to celebrate with my family and friends again has been fantastic! I definitely do not take these moments for granted!

It’s now been about 3 months since we moved back to Australia. I will admit, the first couple of months were really hard re-adjusting and settling back in. There were times I had to remind myself that it is okay to have some really shitty days when going through a big life change. At times I felt like I was just riding the wave and trying not to drown. There are still some days where I’m like “what the hell am I doing?” haha! BUT in all seriousness we have been doing pretty damn well and I can finally get back into blogging and doing what I love again!


My time in the USA:

I know different people handle things in different ways, but this was just how I felt and what my experiences was.. So the reason I say it has been pretty hard is because over the time we lived in the US I felt I became a bit lost. I knew who I was back in Australia, I had my friends, my family, a job, my independence, a sense of routine. And while overseas all I had was my husband. I found it hard to drive because I wasn’t confident on the roads, I had no friends for the majority of my time there, I couldn’t work because of the visa I was on, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. It felt like I had no control, and was just there because of my husband. It took a long time for me to adjust to living overseas and being a travelling spouse. My confidence took a dive, my anxiety become worse, my self worth took a hit, and all in all, it took it’s toll on me. So now being back home, obviously things have changed, people change, friends change. I feel like I am rebuilding myself and discovering who I am again. I have not come home to the same life I had before. I am different, but I know the old me, the fun, outgoing, carefree, confident person is still in there. She just needs a bit of TLC, it may take some time, and I have to remind myself of that!


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Mark and I in Central Park, New York 2015

I am so grateful for the experiences I got to have while living the States and will forever cherish all the good memories! We did a lot of travelling, saw some amazing places and really discovered a lot about our relationship. I feel like if we survived that time, everything else should be a walk in the park! Haha! So what is next? Well I just turned 29, so here is my list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 30:


1) Love myself again
2) Get my confidence back
3) Loose 5 kgs
4) Be satisfied and happy with my job (would love to say I’m blogging full time by then 😜 )
5) Master positive affirmations
6) Complete a certified makeup course


So there you have it, thanks for making it this far! Hope I didn’t drone on too much. Now you are all up to date, so back to blogging! Stay tuned for my September Favourites post!


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“Whatever life throws at you, just be strong and fight through it. Remember, strong walls shake but never collapse.” – Unknown

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