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Our Favourite Coffee Spots in Orlando, FL

Anyone that tells me they are a coffee “snob” and drinks at StarbucksĀ is like saying you love Italian food and eat at Pizza Hut šŸ˜± .Ā I take my coffee seriously people. And so do many Australians. Thereā€™s a reason why Starbucks failed in Australia. The bar is set ridiculously high and we have been spoiled when it comes to coffee. In short, our coffee/cafĆ© culture is just too (bloody) good!

So, where does Orlando stack up in terms of great coffee? Well thereā€™s not many too choose from, however, we were able to find a couple of places that hit the spot. If you have been to these places then you know what I’m talking about, and have tasted real coffee. So here is a (short) list of my husband and minesĀ favourite coffee spots in Orlando.


propogation orlando coffee 1. Propagation ā€“ located in Orlandoā€™s Mills 50 district, owners Brittany and Travis really know their coffee. Not only does it taste amazing but they are skilled in their coffee art which we really appreciate. The place also serves as a mid-century furniture shop and just recently started selling flower arrangements. They have done such a great job ofĀ creating this retro-chicĀ coffee spaceĀ and I hope people from Orlando know how lucky they are to have this place. Our go to order: a cappuccino and a piccolo (or two).



credo coffee downtown orlando 2. Downtown Credo ā€“ A donation based coffee shop with such a unique way about it. The money they raise goes to support their organic coffee growers as well as their partners in the community. As far as coffee is concerned, we have never been disappointed. We were so happy to have found this place; it has a very relaxed vibe and is usually filled with students on their laptops doing their own thing. Our go to order: a cappuccino or an iced mocha.


barnies coffee kitchen winter park


3. Barnieā€™s Coffee Kitchen Winter Park ā€“ We have a love/hate relationship with this place. The location is fantastic, surrounded by restaurants, shops and beautiful scenery but the coffee can be a hit or miss. It used to be consistently good but in the last 4-6 months there have been more misses rather than hits. This is disappointing because it is a place that could have resembled a cafĆ© back in Australia. They serve food (although they stop serving food at 3pm) and have baked goods to have with your coffee. I suppose it depends on the barista whether we have a good brew or not. Lately, the coffee has tasted too bitter or slightly burnt, or the consistency is off and it ends up being too milky. Anyway, you have been informed. The jury is still deciding.


So that sums it up for Orlando. Itā€™s a shame there are not many others, especially around the theme parks/I-drive area. But we appreciate what we do have. So anyone trying to find worthy coffee I suggest you give one of these places a try for your coffee fix. Iā€™ll also keep you updated as we find more great spots!


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