Lorac Riesling Romance Palette Review and Swatches

Lorac Riesling Romance Palette: Review and Swatches


Lorac Riesling Romance Palette Review and Swatches


As you guys probably know from my last post, I picked this palette up during Ultas 21 days of beauty semi-annual sale event a few weeks ago. It was on sale exclusively for $15 (such a bargain), and I have used it a few times now. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting too much from the palette in terms of pigmentation and the range of colours to work with, but it has definitely surprised me (in a good way). I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it on its own to create looks for both day and night as it is a pretty neutral palette, but it turns out I was able to, and it came out better than I thought! The product did irritate my sensitive eyes a little bit but it wasn’t anything to worry about.


Lorac Riesling Romance Palette Review and Swatches


As for the packaging, I think it’s very cute! It has a gold foil finish, a good size mirror with a magnetic closure and is the perfect size for travelling. The eyeshadows don’t have names, but they consist of 2 matte shades (a pale pink and a chocolate brown), and 5 shimmery/pearl shades (ranging from cream to a dark coppery colour). The shades blend quite well and are not too powdery. The swatches below are done without primer, so you can really see how pigmented they are.


Lorac Riesling Romance Palette Review and Swatches
Swatches start from the bottom left of the palette, anti-clockwise.


orac Riesling Romance Palette Review and Swatches
One of the more smokey dramatic/night time looks I created using the palette.


Final verdict: I wouldn’t say it is one of my favourite palettes, but I am very happy with it and would definitely consider it a hit! You can use it to create both subtle daytime looks, and as shown above, dramatic night time looks as well. This makes it so convenient to bring with you if you are travelling and don’t want to bring too much makeup (if you can even manage to do that 😜). These types of Lorac palettes are not available for sale normally, but they do come out with very similar products exclusively for Ulta sales, so keep an eye out for them. I have also seen them floating around on Ebay or Amazon for about $25. Hope you enjoyed this review, thanks for reading!


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