April 2016 Favorites MarieStateOfMind

April 2016 Favourites

April was an big month for my husband and I. Without going into too much detail, it brought upon a major life change which involves us relocating back to Australia. So for now, this is the end of our American journey! With that being said, this is the main reason I haven’t been, and won’t be blogging as much as I would like to. We will be very busy packing and moving in the next few months and getting used to being back home again, so I hope you can stick with me while this is all happening. I will still try to post as much as I can, and once everything has settled down I will get back to regularly posting again. One day I will blog about our time living in the US, and all the highs and lows it brought about (mainly for me) being away from family, friends and the life I was used to back in Australia. But for now, lets move on to all the good stuff that I was loving in April shall we? 😄


Tarte Cosmetics April 2016 Favorites



I have discovered and been LOVING all things Tarte this month. I have picked up quite a few of their products and after some time I will do an in-depth review of each one of them. I especially love Tarte Cosmetics because they are cruelty free and their products are always formulated without nasty stuff like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten. So big thumbs up from me!



I’ve been loving and keeping up with 3 blogs regularly this month, and I highly recommend you check them out. The first one is Jasmine Talks Beauty which is all things beauty/makeup related with a few lifestyle/fashion posts as well. The second is A Bittersweet Diary which is a mix of blog tips, beauty and lifestyle posts. And the third is Problogger, which is all things blog related and shares advice, tips and tutorials to help you create and/or grow your blog.



For my February snapchat favourites I mentioned Maryam Maquillage, and while I still love her and follow her on snapchat, I have now been loving her youtube channel as well. She shares the most helpful and most beautiful makeup tutorials, you guys should definitely check her out! For snapchat, I am loving Tanya Burr (username: tanyaburr). She lives in the UK, has the cutest little puppy and gives you a glimpse into her fun life and exciting new business ventures.


The Longevity Book April 2016 Favorites



This month I started reading The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz. Its about the science of growing older and how we age on a cellular level. She shares what she wished she’d known 20 years ago (shes 40 now), and how to manage stress, strengthen your brain and also encourages us to make better decisions about our inner health and body. I felt it was appropriate for me to read this as I am becoming more aware of the fact that I am indeed aging. I’m turning 29 this year and I feel like I’m kind of having a mini (mid life?) crisis, again… I had one at 24/25 years old, and now its starting to happen again, but for different reasons this time. At 25, it was the “what am I doing with my life?!” type of crisis, and now at 28, its “I swear I didn’t have these lines on my forehead last year” type of crisis! Lol! I am more aware of the fact that I can’t just eat whatever I want and stay skinny (damn metabolism) and that I really do need to moisturise (A LOT). So if you are feeling like me, or just want to get educated on how we age and what you can do to prolong your life, then I highly recommend this book to you.


Thanks for reading, I’d love to know what you guys have been loving lately! Don’t forget to keep up with me on Instagram as that is where I’ll be most active (for now). Until next time! ✌️


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Face to Curls

I hope your move back to Australia was very smooth. Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see you around more 🙂
These are some great Tarte products. I need to try more stuff from the brand. x

Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com


I really need to give Tarte a go. It’s really hard to get hold of over here (UK) but I’ve heard so many amazing things about it! I love the Tease palette… Think I may have to treat myself this month 😉