About Me

HI guys and welcome to my beauty and lifestyle blog! My name is Marie and I’m 29 years young. I’m a typical girl who is obsessed with makeup and all things beauty; however, I am also obsessed with finding the best coffee and healthy food options wherever I go.

I was born and pretty much raised in Australia and moved to Florida, USA in 2014 for almost 3 years. The food in the states wasn’t what I was used to back in Aus, and when I first moved there I gained about 10kgs (around 22 pounds!) It was only when I really educated myself on the ingredients in the food I was eating, not only in the grocery store but also in restaurants, that I was finally able to start losing the weight.


So what can you expect to see here? Well the main purpose of this blog is beauty but I will also share general advice and other ramblings like where to find the best (and healthiest) coffee/restaurants locally and when travelling, and how to live a healthy happier life!


Feel free to leave feedback, send me an email or just say hi! Would love to connect!


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