6 Essential Products For An Effortless “No Makeup” Look

6 essential makeup products no makeup look


We’ve all been there, you’re in a rush or just can’t be bothered doing a full face of make up but still want to look good. In just 4 very easy steps, you can achieve an effortless “no makeup” look in under 10 minutes. Below are a few products I’ve discovered that can make our lives so much easier. These are my personal favourites but feel free to swap these products for the ones you have at home. So here we go –


Step 1 – Dark circles and colour correction

I will apply a small amount of Maybelline cover stick concealer  ($5.99) under my eyes to “fade” away dark circles. I will then apply It Cosmetics Bye Bye redness cream  ($32) to the areas of my face that are red or need a small amount of coverage. This product is so good at evening out your skin tone and is my go to product when I don’t want to use foundation. You can either blend it out with your finger, sponge or foundation brush.


6 essential makeup products no makeup look


Step 2 – Brows

You can either use a brow gel (I use NYX tinted brow mascara $7) for a super quick and more natural look. Or you can use a brow defining kit; I use the Flawless Brow Trio by BH Cosmetics ($5.50), for a more defined brow look. Simply use the brush that comes with the kit and quickly fill in and shape your brows.

Tip: To keep hairs in place, go over them with a clear brow gel. I use the Elf Cosmetics clear brow and lash mascara ($2).


6 essential makeup products no makeup look




Step 3 – Make your eyes pop

I use Ulta super stretch fibre mascara for a natural look that you could also intensify by doing a few coats, until you’re happy with the volume of your lashes.

Tip: Use an eyeliner brush to lightly swipe product of the mascara wand to double up as a gel liner.


6 essential makeup products no makeup look


Step 4 – Lips and cheeks

Honestly if I had to choose only one product to use before leaving the house, it would be lipstick. I think a pretty pink or a beautiful mauve/red lip can really brighten up your face. My go to at the moment is Elf’s Matte lip colour  ($3) in the shade dash of pink. It’s very creamy, doesn’t dry out your lips and is such a cute colour. Lipstick can also double up as a blush saving you more time. I usually just dab a bit on my finger and blend/tap to the apples of my cheeks; this will give you a natural look that will also match your lips.

Tip: If you have accidently made yourself look “clownlike” with the blush, just apply a bit of the redness cream to the area to diffuse the situation.


effortless “no makeup” look



What are your essential/go-to products for a “no makeup” look?


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