5 daily must haves cannot live without mariestateofmind

5 Things I Cannot Live Without – Daily Must-Haves

5 daily must haves cannot live without mariestateofmind


This is just a fun post to let you guys know what I can’t live without on a daily basis (in case you were curious). So besides oxygen, water, food, family and all that obvious stuff, I have complied a short list of random things that are my daily must-haves and go a long way in preserving my day to day sanity 😜  (just ask my hubby lol).


5 daily must haves cannot live without burts bees moisturiser mariestateofmind


Moisturiser – As soon as I wake up, I will wash my face and then put some moisturiser on. I just cannot live without it. If I don’t put it on, my face feels so dry and wrinkly lol. I’m sure most women (and some men) can relate to this.


5 daily must haves cannot live without papaw lipbalm mariestateofmind


Lip balm – Along with my moisturiser, I will also put my favourite lip balm on. My lips are usually a bit dry when I wake up so it feels great to put some on. I will also re-apply quite a few times during the day as I hate having chapped lips (and maybe I’m a little OCD 😂).


5 daily must haves cannot live without wheatgrass mariestateofmind


Supplements – After I’ve washed and moisturised my face, I will head into the kitchen and take 4-6 wheatgrass tablets. I have mentioned the health benefits in a previous post, find it here (step 9). They are amazing for you and I don’t go a day without them.


5 daily must haves cannot live without green tea mariestateofmind


Tea – While I’m in the kitchen I’ll make myself a cup of green tea. I LOVE green tea. I have been having at least 2-4 cups almost every day for the last 10 years. Everyone who knows me knows that I cannot live without my green tea. It’s great for you, and that’s why I started drinking it. But despite its endless health benefits, it has now become my go-to comfort drink more than anything.


5 daily must haves cannot live without cadbury chocolate mariestateofmind


Chocolate – Lastly, a not-so-healthy must have, and the unofficial “problem solver” of women everywhere… chocolate. And not just any, specifically Australian Cadburys chocolate. Living in the US for the past 2 and a bit years, this has come as a bit of a struggle for me as you can only get British Cadburys here, which is the closest thing I can get to my beloved Aussie chocolate. And as a die hard chocoholic, I can taste the slightest bit of difference. By the way, don’t even get me started on American Cadburys, it’s blasphemous! Fortunately though, I have been lucky enough to have our family visit us a couple of times and they have brought the good stuff. So to make my “supply” last (yes I’m an addict lol), I have about 2-4 squares everyday as a little dessert.


5 daily must haves cannot live without mariestateofmind


You may say I’m a creature of habit and don’t really like change but for me it’s the little things that I take comfort in. So tell me, what are the things you can’t live without daily? Well we could live without, but just wouldn’t want to.


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I love this and seeing chocolate as one of your must haves made me laugh because it sounds like me! And I have never heard of wheetgrass tablets, I am definitely going to check it out!

Destiny | msbeautyglam.com